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Ghostwriting so personalized,
you'll forget you didn't write it.

Lately you’ve been at a loss for words, but luckily...
I’ve got a few I can spare. And the best part?
Even your BFF and your mama won't know I wrote ‘em for you.

Yes please!

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Do any of these sound like you?

You’re tired of trying to find time in your calendar to write your own content every single week.

You want your content to be your #1 source for lead generation (after referrals) but you kinda suck at selling.

You’re not so sure about that whole "letting someone attempt to impersonate you" thing.

You’re ready to tell your story in a way that feels cinematic and lands you sales, without sounding sleazy.

You’re like ~really~ good at writing nurture content, but crafting sales content makes you feel like screaming crying throwing up.

Writing your own copy and content feels like one wild ride.

And just when you think you’ve started to get the hang of it, the algorithm goes off and makes you feel like you got your driver’s license last week (even though this ain’t your first rodeo). 

You know you’ve got the goods—your clients and customers tell you you’re worth every penny—so why not lean the seat back and leverage what ya got?

Sounds great in theory, but when it comes time to sell the sh*t out of who you are, what you do, and how you do it in your content? It just ends up sounding like a jumbled-up mess. Yikes. 

You’ve also worked with other copywriters before and your experience was “good, not great.”

Reason why? You opened up the Google doc when they delivered your project and you *instantly* got The Ick.

The writing sounded decent, but not a single word of it sounded like you would write it. So…you dedicated even more hours that you didn’t have, editing the copy you paid someone else to write, just so your sales content sounded authentic to who you are and what you do.


What if you could have content that sells your offers and sounds so much like you, you'll forget you never actually had to lift a finger to write it.

It’s time to start sounding EXACTLY like you talk IRL, even if you don’t know how to put it into words.

Yes plz and thank u

I'm here to speak all of your little personality-isms
into your brand voice and turn the heat waaaay TF up on how your business sells through content...

...even if you know you could "technically" still write your own stuff, but would rather be doing pretty much anything else.


"Not sure who needs to hear this or is on the fence but I can't recommend Kendall and The Candid Collective enough. Every promise was delivered on and then some. Get on their calendar now!!"

—Kaiya W., CEO + Publicist

"Kendall is a magician who totally gets me. I got chills reading my content the first time, because it didn't just SOUND like me...there were specific things she wrote about that I'd never told anyone, but somehow Kendall just knew!"

—Jordan K., Systems + Scaling Expert

Wouldn't it be cool if you could stop writing your own copy, start having a lot more white space on your calendar, and knew that...

Wouldn't it be cool if you could stop writing your own copy,
start having a lot more white space on your calendar, and knew that...

All of your on-camera and in-person charisma and personality was coming across in every single word of copy your brand publishes.

You were creating a business full of perfect-fit clients who instantly knew you were for them because your messaging was magnetic AF.

Your content was so authentic and relatable, your people thought you bugged their last therapy session or read the pages of their journal.

You had permission to brain dump and word vomit your ideas, and someone else could make them sound good.

You were being clear, concise, and candid in all the places you were showing up online and it became the secret sauce to how you create revenue.

Your copy required little to no edits and was ready to be published or scheduled in advance, all while sounding like you wrote it all yourself.

This isn’t one of those “too good to be true” sales pitches that’s been blown WAY out of proportion.

This is Business As Usual (Kendall’s Version).

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Hey Stranger!

I'm Kendall Cherry.

Ghostwriter, brand storyteller, and sales mastermind for online business owners who are ready to give the algorithm the ‘ole one-two punch.

Am I a good sales copywriter? One of the best, but my clients come knockin’ when they’re ready for ghostwriting  that sounds like them with pipin' hot takes and sexy sales angles that outshine even your biggest competitor.

If you want you and your content to be THE thing that creates a sustainable sales pipeline for your online business, so you can fill your funnel and be the go-to expert in your industry, you're in the right place.

Bonus points if you’ve also decided that the content creation rat race isn’t yours to run and you’re ready for the chase to end. Allow me to officially welcome you to the dark side, my dear. Because around here?

We’re repurposed AF and scheduled in advance.

It’s time to market your online business like a rebel and a renegade—less hustle, more flow.

Ummm sign me up

True-to-You, sleaze-free selling


it's you and me, collaborating on your best content in a way that feels like YOU. 


  • Sounds just like you
  • Tells it like it is
  • Hot takes & spicy opinions
  • Captures your story


  • No false claims
  • Inclusive & anti-racist
  • Icky bro marketing be gone
  • You'll feel good pressing "Publish"

How I do it

You’ve already paid your dues BY DIY-ing your own copy.

It’s time to let a world-class storyteller and
sales mastermind take you to the next level.


Oh, and B T dubs…wouldn’t it be cool if my words
were the ace up your sleeve that your competitor just can’t beat?

Here’s how my mind (and my creative process) works…

I research TF out of you and can read you like a book—I watch your Instagram stories, listen to your podcast interviews, and take notes on your humor so I can infuse it into every word that I write as you.

Unlike other copywriters, I have a sixth sense for selling and can zero in on your biggest differentiators and write about them in a way that makes YOU a no-brainer investment. 

I love including dad jokes paired with a healthy dose of nostalgia and other pop culture references in your copy, so your reader gets a feel for your personality.

I don’t need creative direction and my best work happens when you hand me the writing reigns so I can work my magic in my lair (with my two cats, of course).

I have a knack for clarifying your frazzled thoughts and turning them into content that sounds just like you, but even better.

Oh, and by the way...

When I see your copy and content in the wild?
It’ll sound so much like you, that even I won't be able to tell that I wrote it (and I’m the owner of the OG Google doc).

"Kendall has got a way with words. Seriously, she knows how to write in a memorable, lighted way that engages a reader. As her client, she didn't just focus on writing for me, she looked at my business as a whole and asked questions to understand what I needed and was eager to share any recommendations."

—Anna F., Startup Founder + CEO

"Working with The Candid Collective was seamless and fast, yet they didn't skimp out on the final product which I'm so grateful for and happy with the result! I'd work with them in the future!"

—Mike j., TV Personality + Sex Educator

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Let's tell your story.

grab the getaway car

It’s time for you to slide into the driver’s seat and get back to your zone of genius,
so you can do the work you were born to do. 

But for the record? I call shotgun,
so I can write the words that will bring your story to life.

The Candid Collective specializes in lore ipsum dolor sit amet, lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, lorem ipsum dolor sit amet. Based in Austin, Texas—ghostwriting for brands worldwide.


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